Estate, Vintage & Antique Lockets

Vintage lockets hold memories, photographs and meaning for the wearer. One of the more personal of jewelry items, the gold locket has existed for time immemorial. Lockets open to reveal compartment to hold keepsakes and can be set with diamonds, gemstones or simply plain. Antique lockets come in a vast array of shapes and sizes, from inexpensive to elaborate and costly. Platinum, yellow gold, rose and white gold are a few of the most frequently produced. Multiple photo lockets, and book lockets are rarer and more unique but still can be found within. Which shape is preferred? It's all up to you as many are round, or oval, heart shaped, square or rectangular. Even Victorian lockets of the 19th century in silver rank as every popular. Many engravers spent countless hours with themes from birds, to flowers, buckles, animals, and landscape motifs. As a gift, the locket is ideal. Not quite as laden as the ring, it is worn next to the heart. Buying a locket can be an unexpected surprise for your wife, daughter, sister or loved one.
Edwardian Memories in a Diamond Locket
$1,750 USD Sale! $1,495 USD
Bang the Drum - Victorian Locket Pendant
$1,650 USD Sale! $1,355 USD
Sloan & Co. Aries Zodiac Locket
$1,833 USD Sale! $1,650 USD
Zodiac Libra Pendant of Sloan & Co.
$1,611 USD Sale! $1,450 USD
Georgian Beguiling Topaz Locket Pendant
$1,750 USD Sale! $1,575 USD
Victorian Bohemian Garnet Fly Locket
$2,450 USD Sale! $2,205 USD
Lion Head Diamond Locket Ring
$2,350 USD Sale! $2,115 USD
Antique Victorian Cherub Locket Pendant
$2,850 USD Sale! $2,565 USD
Acrostic Heart Pendant Locket "DEAREST"
$1,755 USD Sale! $1,495 USD
Sloan & Co. Zodiac Pisces Locket
$1,833 USD Sale! $1,650 USD
Vintage Zodiac Sign Cancer Locket
$1,833 USD Sale! $1,650 USD