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Appraisals & Evaluations of Jewelry

Three Services

Want to know about the jewelry that you own? Where did it come from? How old is it? What is the history behind it? Surprisingly, there are few experts specializing in the field of antique jewelry. Yet, this is what we do best.

Traditionally, the only option was a costly full appraisal and in some cases, the jewelry may not warrant this expense. We now offer three individualized levels of consultation and pricing to help with a variety of needs.

Note: We specialize in appraisals of fine jewelry dating prior to 1950; if you own later 20th century costume jewelry or a fine watch, it is best to seek others more qualified in that field.


We accept all major credit cards, PayPal and checks or money orders for our services. Just email us for more information whether we can be of assistance for one of our services and how to arrange payment.

1. Expert Opinion

An opinion only informational brief. Send us clear, in-focus photographs of the front and back of the jewelry. You receive an opinion with as much information as can be garnered from a photograph. Limitations are that we cannot test or weigh stones or metal content, nor always determine if an item is genuine or reproduction or other pertinent facts. However, often we can assess its date, country of origin and offer an idea of its history. We do not include a value due to the limits of photographs; yet this is perfect for those who just want some idea of the history their jewelry.

This is never to be used to buy, sell or insure jewelry. Since we receive so many requests for this information, we charge a nominal fee of $25.00 per piece. Please allow at least one week for receipt of your opinion.

2. Authentication

Authentication of a piece of jewelry. This requires shipping jewelry to us. Contact us for insured, safe methods. You would receive a receipt and then a short, written paragraph including the date the piece was made, its possible origin and may contain comments on condition, construction, materials and placed within the context of the era; it does not include testing all metals and gemstones. Therefore, it does not include a value.

However, often we can determine a great deal. This information should NOT be used for selling, insuring or buying any piece of jewelry, but is perfect for getting a sense of what your family jewelry's history is about or for verifying authenticity of jewelry you already own. Pricing for this service is $55.00 plus shipping. Please allow at least one to two weeks for your authentication.

3. Full Appraisal

In order to assess any item with total accuracy, examination and in-depth testing must be performed in person. We offer our years of expertise in the form of a full written appraisal in conjunction with our certified gemologist for the cost of $125.00 for the first piece of jewelry and $100.00 for each piece thereafter plus shipping and insurance costs. A written report is provided containing a complete range of information about the metals used, gems, date of origin, possible place or origin and approximate retail, wholesale or insurance value. Best used for selling, buying or insuring your valuables - this report is the most thorough and detailed available today.

Not sure if a full appraisal is right for you?

There are four key reasons for an appraisal. Selling your jewelry, insuring your valuables, estate valuations or just to know what your jewelry is worth. The appraiser will ask your specific purpose for obtaining an appraisal. Appraisal values can vary depending on whether it is for insurance replacement, for selling wholesale value or for current retail market value. These are three different estimates of worth.

Shipping Your Items to Us

Many people are concerned about shipping their valuables securely. Contact us for more information.

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