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Antique, Vintage & Estate Brooches

Experience our unique antique brooches and pins! Whether estate, vintage or antique, the variety of vintage brooches for sale will take your breath away. Guaranteed! Free Shipping!
Art Nouveau Femme Fatale Brooch
$2,550 USD Sale! $2,295 USD
Rose Bud Art Nouveau Enamel Brooch
$3,450 USD Sale! $3,105 USD
Heartfelt Diamond Pendant Brooch 2.6 C
$5,450 USD Sale! $4,230 USD
Who’s Wise? Edwardian Owl Pendant
$1,650 USD Sale! $1,485 USD
Retro Three Color Gold Brooch
$1,375 USD Sale! $1,238 USD
Estate Giardinetti Brooch of Jewels
$6,900 USD Sale! $6,210 USD
Lover's Eye Brooch Authentic & Antique
$6,650 USD Sale! $5,985 USD
Krementz Bleeding Hearts Flower Brooch
$2,550 USD Sale! $2,295 USD
Edwardian Diamond Flower Pendant
$2,550 USD Sale! $2,295 USD
At the Top - Art Deco Skyscraper Brooch
$2,150 USD Sale! $1,665 USD