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Mid Century & Modernist Jewelry (1950's, 1960's & 1970's)

Mid century jewelry at its finest from a range from classic to creative. This estate and vintage Modernist jewelry can both inspire and reinvent. Shop our collections for unmatched elegance. Guaranteed and always free shipping. Established in 2002.
Classically Carved Moonstone Ring
$8,450 USD Sale! $6,900 USD
Estate Giardinetti Brooch of Jewels
$6,900 USD Sale! $6,210 USD
Estate Double Diamond Dome Ring
$4,650 USD Sale! $4,185 USD
Buttercup Diamond Drop Estate Earrings
$1,250 USD Sale! $1,125 USD
Watery Depths Estate Opal Ring
$2,850 USD Sale! $2,565 USD
Royale - Ruby Diamond Engagement Ring
$5,650 USD Sale! $5,085 USD
Hollywood Aquamarine Diamond Ring
$3,850 USD Sale! $3,465 USD
Italian Modern Sculpture - KRIA Bracelet
$6,450 USD Sale! $4,875 USD
Flamboyant Vintage Opal Diamond Ring
$2,250 USD Sale! $2,025 USD
Classic Diamond Wedding Set 1.05 C.
$1,450 USD Sale! $1,305 USD