Vintage Inspired Jewelry

Vintage inspired jewelry at its most breathtaking. Vintage style jewelry echoes the past while providing an up-to-date look and feel. Classic and unique, these designs are timeless and bridge modern to antique in their look and feel. Ask our customer service experts to help you buy the perfect vintage jewelry.
Vintage Basket of Diamonds Brooch
$9,450 USD Sale! $8,505 USD
Black Starr & Frost Ruby Diamond Ring
$7,500 USD Sale! $6,750 USD
Color Cascade - Opal Gem Set Ring
$13,500 USD Sale! $12,150 USD
It Is Yours - Custom Diamond Eternity Band
$11,500 USD Sale! $10,350 USD
Ornate Turquoise Estate Ring
$1,550 USD Sale! $1,175 USD
Your Signature - Diamond Ruby Earrings
$25,500 USD Sale! $22,950 USD
Timeless Diamond Sapphire Unique Ring
$7,450 USD Sale! $6,705 USD
Diamond Ruby Dinner Ring
$11,450 USD Sale! $10,305 USD