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Vintage Inspired Jewelry

Vintage inspired jewelry at its most breathtaking. Vintage style jewelry echoes the past while providing an up-to-date look and feel. Classic and unique, these designs are timeless and bridge modern to antique in their look and feel. Ask our customer service experts to help you buy the perfect vintage jewelry.
Shimmer Fringe Diamond Collar
$27,500 USD Sale! $24,750 USD
Dancing Opal Solitaire Earrings
$465 USD Sale! $419 USD
Sapphire Diamond Flower Earrings
$5,950 USD Sale! $5,355 USD
Ode to Joy - Opal Diamond Ballerina Ring
$4,250 USD Sale! $3,825 USD
Gothic Dome - Signature Diamond Ring
$7,500 USD Sale! $6,750 USD
No Heat Pink Sapphire Diamond Ring
$5,650 USD Sale! $5,085 USD
Mona Lisa Smile - Diamond Ring of Style
$14,500 USD Sale! $13,050 USD
Aquamarine Diamond Stud Earrings
$1,350 USD Sale! $1,215 USD
Art Deco Inspired Diamond Platinum Ring
$8,575 USD Sale! $7,718 USD
Striking Emerald Diamond Ring
$2,450 USD Sale! $2,205 USD
Estate Double Diamond Dome Ring
$4,650 USD Sale! $4,185 USD
Glittering Snowflake Diamond Earrings
$1,495 USD Sale! $1,346 USD