Retro Rings

Shop our fabulous vintage Retro rings within the luxurious surroundings of your own home and our distinctive website. Retro jewelry highlights Hollywood-esque features such as the use of rose gold, rubies and semi-precious gemstones accented with diamonds. Big, lush and colorful, Retro jewelry and rings are often statement-making and are a perfect choice for those seeking a one-of-a-kind, chic vintage piece of jewelry.. Engagement rings from the Retro era of the 1940s to the 1950s incorporate diamonds along with styles with clean lines and strong geometrical designs.
Really Retro Diamond & Ruby Buckle Ring
$1,550 USD Sale! $1,395 USD
Inner Light Moonstone Diamond Ring
$2,250 USD Sale! $2,025 USD
Retro Three Color Gold Wedding Band
$1,375 USD Sale! $980 USD
Jungle Gem - Amethyst Ring of 1939
$2,350 USD Sale! $2,115 USD
Crescent Moon Australian Opal Ring
$2,650 USD Sale! $2,385 USD
Estate Moonstone Ruby Sapphire Ring
$1,950 USD Sale! $1,755 USD
Antique Three Stone Garnet Ring in Gold
$1,295 USD Sale! $1,166 USD
Exuberant Diamond & Pearl Vintage Ring
$6,550 USD Sale! $5,895 USD
Retro Blue - Sapphire Set Band
$2,350 USD Sale! $1,950 USD
Retro Citrine Vintage Ring
$995 USD Sale! $896 USD
French Aquamarine Two Color Ring of 1939
$6,450 USD Sale! $5,805 USD
Sensational Art Deco Ruby Diamond Ring
$17,500 USD Sale! $15,750 USD