Vintage Jewelry

Vintage jewelry that is unsurpassed in our extensive collections of diamond and gemstone pieces. Browse our unique array of vintage rings and engagement rings for sale. Sapphires, emeralds and rubies make up just part of the fine gemstone jewelry offered. Looking to buy aquamarines or garnet set rings of jewelry? These rank ever popular, or perhaps the best gift choice may be opal or moonstone set in rings, bracelets, earrings, pendants or necklaces. Forge a deep connection with a treasured object of adornment that resides at the core of desirability. Our vintage jewelry dates to over 25 years in age. Each is hand picked for its distinct aesthetics and craftsmanship. Our fine diamond vintage jewelry collections include those made of gold or platinum and display a splendid array of sapphires and semi-precious or precious gemstones. Always eco friendly, conflict free, be assured of an ethical choice in jewelry. Tested and thoroughly examined, each piece of vintage jewelry comes with a no-risk “must love” guarantee. Free shipping.
Fancy Art Deco Carnelian Ring
$750 USD Sale! $675 USD
Art Nouveau Pearl Diamond Swan Necklace
$2,150 USD Sale! $1,935 USD
Antique Fancy Signet Ring in Gold
$719 USD Sale! $647 USD
The Scent of Beauty - Perfume Pendant
$1,650 USD Sale! $1,485 USD
Sweet Baby Shoes Pendant Charm
$325 USD Sale! $293 USD
Night Sky - Opal Platinum Ring
$5,500 USD Sale! $4,900 USD
Pearls of Wisdom - Stud Earrings
$375 USD Sale! $338 USD
Art Nouveau Plique à Jour Swan Necklace
$3,450 USD Sale! $3,105 USD
Antique Ruby Witch's Heart Diamond Ring
$1,500 USD Sale! $1,350 USD
Vintage Two Tone Gold Opal Bracelet
$2,250 USD Sale! $2,025 USD
Archaeological Revival Amphorae Earrings
$4,250 USD Sale! $3,825 USD
Who’s Wise? Edwardian Owl Pendant
$1,650 USD Sale! $1,485 USD