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Georgian Jewelry (Circa 1714 - 1840)

Browse rare and fine Georgian jewelry from our exquisite online boutique established in 2002. Our collection includes Georgian diamond rings, pendants, and much more. Our Georgian era jewelry is always guaranteed, and our client services are unmatched.
Georgian Emerald Diamond Cluster Ring
$6,850 USD Sale! $3,950 USD
Inspired Georgian Pink Topaz Earrings
$4,250 USD Sale! $3,825 USD
Very Scarce ca. 1800 Georgian Earrings
$5,850 USD Sale! $5,200 USD
Georgian Beguiling Topaz Locket Pendant
$1,750 USD Sale! $1,575 USD
18th C. Gemstone Stomacher Pendant
$6,850 USD Sale! $5,500 USD
Lover's Eye Brooch Authentic & Antique
$6,650 USD Sale! $5,950 USD
Georgian Miniature Portrait of Dog Ring
$4,975 USD Sale! $3,950 USD
Antique Garnet Drop Earrings
$2,950 USD Sale! $2,655 USD
Rare 17th C. Enamel Emerald & Diamond Ring
$10,950 USD Sale! $9,855 USD
Singular Snowflake - Georgian Diamond Ring
$18,450 USD Sale! $16,605 USD
Exceptionally Rare 17th C. Diamond Cross
$8,450 USD Sale! $6,850 USD