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Antique & Estate Diamond Jewelry

Estate diamond jewelry - Selling the finest pieces fully guaranteed. Estate jewelry offers craftsmanship, value, design and and classic elegance. Many of our diamond pieces are set with antique and vintage diamonds cuts, from old mine cuts, old European diamonds, transitional cuts and more exotic diamond cuts such as the Asscher or fancy cut shapes. Whether set in platinum or gold, every one is hand selected. Find the perfect vintage and antique diamond jewelry here.
Dramatic Art Deco Sapphire Diamond Ring
$3,250 USD Sale! $2,925 USD
Color Cascade - Opal Gem Set Ring
$13,500 USD Sale! $12,150 USD
Georgian Ruby Diamond 18th C. Pendant
$5,350 USD Sale! $4,815 USD
Three Stone Pink Sapphire Diamond Ring
$5,400 USD Sale! $4,860 USD
Romantic Diamond Wedding Ring
$1,750 USD Sale! $1,575 USD
Marquise Diamond Sapphire Cluster Ring
$8,450 USD Sale! $7,605 USD
Provocative Purple No Heat Sapphire Ring
$9,950 USD Sale! $7,950 USD
Vintage Diamond Pearl Pendant & Chain
$5,400 USD Sale! $4,860 USD
Vintage Sapphire Diamond Halo Earrings
$2,550 USD Sale! $2,295 USD