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All Estate Jewelry Featuring a Video

Dynamic videos of our estate rings and jewelry offer an added dimension to each piece for sale. Each video provides scale and a close up view, from the sparkle and brilliance of our diamond rings to the highlights of gemstone jewelry set with sapphires, emeralds or rubies. Each is carefully rendered for a realistic video to view whether for our inexpensive engagement rings to our most luxurious antique rings. View in HD if desired, the goal is an accurate representation of every item. Our antique and estate diamond engagement ring videos helps couples feel as if they are right in front of the ring, almost like trying it on in person. Our unique hand-picked jewelry is one-of-a-kind so a video inspires confidence in your buying decision. Remember every purchase comes with a full money-back no risk guarantee with all shipping and even return shipping always free.
Harmony - Blue Moonstone Diamond Ring
$1,450 USD Sale! $1,233 USD
Color Cascade - Opal Gem Set Ring
$13,500 USD Sale! $11,475 USD
Scalloped Double Diamond Ruby Ring
$6,450 USD Sale! $5,483 USD
Art Deco Style Diamond Sapphire Ring
$19,500 USD Sale! $16,575 USD
Tiffany & Co. Burmese No Heat Sapphire Ring
$46,500 USD Sale! $39,525 USD
Luminous No Heat Pink Sapphire Ring
$67,500 USD Sale! $57,375 USD
Lion Head Diamond Locket Ring
$2,350 USD Sale! $1,885 USD
Red Revelation - Aascher Diamond Ruby Ring
$28,500 USD Sale! $24,225 USD