Pearl Rings

Shop a myriad of antique pearl rings from our elegant collection of cultured, natural and freshwater pearl jewelry. Browse our antique, estate, and vintage pearl rings, fully guaranteed. Rare one-of-a-kind pieces like you have never seen before are a specialty. Real natural pearls, either saltwater or freshwater, represent those that man has not made or helped create in any way. Nature alone has utilized a tiny irritant inside an oyster, say a grain of sand, and covered it over long periods of time with nacre to create the illustrious natural pearl. Cultured pearls were first perfected by the famous Mikimoto in the earlier part of the 20th century. The process of how they are made requires that a bead, usually round, is inserted into an oyster. The creature then covers the bead in its natural coating of nacre. How large or how small and the material it is made of is based on the desired final size of the pearl and the process used. Baroque pearls create whimsy and exotic looks with their varied shapes colors and sizes. Baroque pearls are irregular in form ranging from elongated styles, to oval, freeform or many others. These too can be cultured using tissue from the oyster itself. Freshwater pearls derive just as the name implies, from oysters in non-salted water. South Sea pearls are capable of reaching much larger sizes, some to 10 mm or more in diameter. Colors can be gray, black, shades of white or even purples and pinks. Biwa pearls are from the lake of that name in Japan and are also cultured. The most highly prized and expensive of pearls are usually considered natural in origin (no help from man to create), saltwater, and often the more perfectly round the better with smooth even surfaces without blemishes. Coloration should be even throughout. Pearls have captivated kings and queens alike, from countries such as England to the famous pearls of India.
Exuberant Diamond & Pearl Vintage Ring
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