Art Nouveau & Arts & Crafts (Circa 1890 - 1915)

Shop superb antique Art Nouveau jewelry at its finest for sale online and fully guaranteed. Our unique, authentic handpicked Arts and Crafts jewelry collections to buy are vetted and tested and come with our exceptional customer service and a full appraisal. Many movements in various countries are associated with this fascinating brief stretch in jewelry history. In Germany, it is known as Jugendstil or Young Style, in England the Arts & Crafts movement, in France it is called L'Art Nouveau. Its basic tenet called for a return to handcrafted artistry. This suffused the pieces with an organic quality with attention paid to design and form, rather than on costly gemstones or diamonds. Turquoise, semi precious gemstones, enamel, opals and less costly gems are often at the center of focus for Art Nouveau jewellery. Silver is often the precious metal of choice, although gold pieces are also found. The Art Nouveau style is often recognized by its prolific use of colored enamels and themes ranging from women, whiplash curves to nature, plants and flowers. Plique a jour or plique-à-jour enamel is highly collectible today and was a technique revisited by the jewelers of the time. This is similar in appearance to a stained glass window. Enamel is applied between tiny metals open-backed chambers and jewelry can be held up to the light to partially see through the enamel. Those that fall in love with the variety of styles during the early 1900s often never look back!
Art Nouveau Pearl Diamond Swan Necklace
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Antique Fancy Signet Ring in Gold
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Art Nouveau Plique à Jour Swan Necklace
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Flight of Fancy - French Enamel Locket
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Lion Head Diamond Locket Ring
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French Art Nouveau Blue Flower Brooch
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Art Nouveau Blue Moonstone Necklace
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Art Nouveau Garnet Ring
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Rose Bud Art Nouveau Enamel Brooch
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Edwardian Diamond Sapphire Gold Bangle
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Art Nouveau Aquamarine Moonstone Ring
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Art Nouveau Enameled Leaf Brooch
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Art Nouveau Dragon Diamond Pendant
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