Edwardian Jewelry (Circa 1890 - 1915)

Fine Edwardian jewelry and Edwardian diamond rings for sale and fully guaranteed. Our Edwardian style jewelry dates from a period of around 1890 through 1915 when diamonds and platinum reigned supreme. Light and airy, often the metal work was like a lace curtain as a backdrop to the intricate diamond patterns. Old European cuts were most common, along with the rose cut diamond.
Sloan & Co. Aries Zodiac Locket
$1,833 USD Sale! $1,650 USD
The Scent of Beauty - Perfume Pendant
$1,650 USD Sale! $1,485 USD
Victorian Sweet - Diamond Ruby Ring
$1,250 USD Sale! $1,125 USD
Edwardian Pearl Diamond Pendant
$1,250 USD Sale! $1,125 USD
Krementz Rules - Enamel Flower Brooch
$1,950 USD Sale! $1,795 USD
Vintage Zodiac Sign Cancer Locket
$1,833 USD Sale! $1,650 USD
Antique Diamond Filigree Platinum Ring
$3,850 USD Sale! $3,465 USD
Antique Sapphire Rose Gold Ring
$695 USD Sale! $626 USD
Dramatic Art Deco Sapphire Diamond Ring
$3,250 USD Sale! $2,925 USD