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Antique Engagement Rings

Breathtaking, our antique engagement rings for sale include both traditional diamond set choices, and unique gemstone styles. Ranging from inexpensive to the most lavish, our customer service experts guide you through every step. Options range from platinum, rose gold, yellow gold and white. Eco friendly and conflict free, choosing antique diamonds assures you of the social and earth conscious ethics. Old mine, old European and rose cut diamonds all may date to over 100 years old. Expand your definition beyond the solitaire, be it bezel set diamond rings, filigree mountings, diamond bands, those with emeralds or sapphires. Choices spring from the Edwardian period, Victorian, Georgian or into the early Art Deco eras. Experts at antique and period jewelry identification, each piece has been inspected and vetted for age and is guaranteed as stated. Buying an antique engagement ring is one of the most emotional and sentimental purchases you may make in a lifetime.
Delight in a Sapphire Diamond Ring
$2,350 USD Sale! $1,350 USD
Contrast Geometry Diamond Sapphire Ring
$15,450 USD Sale! $13,905 USD
Edwardian Perfection in a Diamond Ring
$5,250 USD Sale! $4,725 USD
English Edwardian Diamond Ring
$1,485 USD Sale! $1,337 USD
Antique Three Stone Emerald Diamond Ring
$1,750 USD Sale! $1,575 USD
Vintage Three Diamonds Two Tone Ring
$1,750 USD Sale! $1,575 USD
Old European Diamond Emerald Ring
$13,500 USD Sale! $12,150 USD
Whirlwind - Art Deco Ruby Diamond Ring
$3,350 USD Sale! $3,015 USD
Art Deco Pink Sapphire Engagement Ring
$3,850 USD Sale! $3,465 USD
Homage to a Medieval Diamond Ring
$995 USD Sale! $695 USD
Antique Diamond Filigree Platinum Ring
$3,850 USD Sale! $3,465 USD
Heart Throb - Diamond Extravaganza Ring
$6,650 USD Sale! $4,900 USD