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Antique & Estate Amethyst Rings

Striking Amethyst Diamond Ring
$995 USD Sale! $788 USD
Gem Set Crown Motif Eternity Band
$1,825 USD Sale! $1,643 USD
Intimate Sentiment - REGARD Ring
$2,450 USD Sale! $1,571 USD
Electrifying Amethyst Diamond Ring
$3,750 USD Sale! $3,375 USD
Vintage Amethyst & Diamond Halo Ring
$1,350 USD Sale! $1,215 USD

Seeking antique amethyst rings? Whether you choose vintage, antique, or estate amethyst rings, each one is unique and exquisite. Amethysts, whether by themselves, or paired with diamonds or other gemstones, are hypnotizing in their range of colors and hues of purples. Find your perfect antique or vintage amethyst engagement ring here.