Wish List - Many visitors communicated to us how much they enjoy viewing not only our current collections for sale, but those already sold. Amassing a “Best of The Three Graces Past” from jewelry sold over the years, we present these for your enjoyment, education and for ideas for your "I must possess" wish list.♦ Click on any item for more glorious photos and history or email us your wish list favorites from the link provided on each description page.

Education is key to the total appreciation of jewelry and the cascade of images and historical descriptions provide a visual and written encyclopedia of jewelry from the 17th, 18th, 19th and 20th centuries.

Pricing - Why aren't prices listed? Prices can change quickly in the marketplace and thus could be misleading. Many items listed in our jewelry archive were sold years ago but are still shown as they are perfect examples of a type of jewelry or a form typical of the period. Some are so superb that they are educational and breathtaking examples. But the price that an item sold for some years ago is likely far less than what you would be able to purchase it for today. So, if you wish to know a price something sold for, please just email us and we will assist you.

♦Remember, photographs are copyrighted and use for magazines, books and publications are only with our express consent. Please contact us.