• Notify us within (3) days of receipt for a full refund once received back.
  • No questions asked!
  • A credit is processed within 24 hours.
  • It is that simple! Return shipping is even free within the US!
  • With every purchase.
  • Since 2002 this same policy has served our clients worldwide!

    See our Returns Section for further information.


    Giving a gift or getting engaged? Just contact us about a longer return period at the time of sale.

    Feeling Guilty?

    You won't receive anything but a smile when notifying us of a wish to return something. Remember, all items are virtually one-of-a-kind. We understand that you wish to see it in person and try on your choices. This is business as usual for us, so go ahead and try it. Far better than "I so regret not buying it. I have looked for years since and cannot find another!"


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    Modified, damaged, or altered items will not be accepted for return. However, if The Three Graces undertakes any alteration of the jewelry on your behalf (for example a ring sizing), refunds are accepted.


    There are no negotiations for a partial refund should you opt to keep your purchase but not agree with pricing after receipt. A refund in full is the best option. Even return shipping is free. The Three Graces has a reputation for fair and equitable pricing and five-star ratings to prove it!


    Every purchase comes with an invoice and full appraisal stating the pertinent facts about the item(s) purchased and may include materials, metals, metal fineness (karat, sterling, etc.), stones, weights, colors, sizes, dates, and country of origin if known. Each purchase also comes in an elegant Italian hand-made gift box with a satin ribbon ready for gift giving.


    No gift is complete without a hand-made Italian box with satin ribbon, complimentary with every purchase.

    The Three Graces


    All items in our collections are guaranteed as stated - including the condition and period of manufacture or creation, the materials, stones, diamonds, and other pertinent facts. We sell no reproduction jewelry meant to deceive. In our detailed descriptions, we clearly state the dates of creation. We strive to have each client delighted with every purchase and do our utmost to achieve that end.


    We employ GIA and industry standard methodology to test precious and semi-precious gemstones, diamonds, and metals to ensure we accurately disclose in our descriptions what we present to you in our collections. Our impressive gemological laboratory includes 10x and 20x loupes, a microscope, an electronic refractometer, a standard refractometer, an electronic gem tester for thermal conductivity, Chelsea filters, UV light testing equipment, and diamond and Moissanite testers and we utilize other evaluations and tests appropriate for material identification. For metals we choose the industry standard acid testing method. We also work in conjunction with other gemologists and with gemological laboratories for certificates for gemstones and diamonds where appropriate.


    Our owner and president is a renowned and recognized authority on identifying antique and period jewelry. A frequent lecturer, she is a regular speaker at the annual Antique Jewelry & Art Conference in New York and has lectured for the prestigious GIA (Gemological Institute of America). Spending over 30 years in the field of antique and period jewelry, she maintains a vast library of books and resources on the history of jewelry and gemology. She serves as a consultant to other dealers and historians and several of The Three Graces' offerings have been purchased or exhibited in museums in the U.S.


    By their very nature, antique and estate jewelry exhibit wear appropriate to age. This is expected and desired as part of the history and fact of age. Items that are in pristine condition are often newly made in the style of an older piece. Condition is noted in our detailed description and you are always welcome to contact us with questions or further information.

    Due to the nature of antique, estate, and vintage jewelry and unless otherwise noted, all diamond and gemstone weights, colors, and clarity grades where stated in our descriptions are determined in mounting and thus approximate. Actual weights, colors, and clarity grades can vary if removed from their mountings.

    Laboratory gemological certificates are provided on some items, particularly those with larger diamonds and gemstones. It is clearly stated whether stones were removed. Please remember that grading is not an exact science; it is an opinion, no matter how experienced the grader. Every stone is different, and every diamond is unique. Different graders, laboratories, and appraisers also may vary in their determinations.

    In addition, please note that colored stones, pearls, and other gemstones may have been treated to enhance color, stability or clarity. However, enhancements are not always detectable.

    We do our utmost to accurately date our jewelry although actual dating may vary. Styles lingered and persisted. Our expertise is in identifying and dating antique and period jewelry using a variety of techniques, testing, and observation. These include metal smithing techniques, stones, and stone settings, faceting styles and techniques, construction, wear, aesthetics, materials, and more and placed within the context of jewelry history. Read more about how we date antique jewelry.


    The Three Graces reserves the right to make changes to its policies or prices at any time. Some items may not be available at the time of purchase. We reserve the right to correct errors and omissions of any type at any time. Please review these policies regularly.


    The Three Graces, as a private business, may refuse the right to service or sell to a customer or client at our sole discretion. This is done in keeping with the laws provided to protect against discrimination. The Three Graces does not discriminate against gender or gender identity, race or color, sex, national origin, citizenship, disability, religion, or other statuses protected by state and federal laws.

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