Appraisals & Evaluations of Jewelry - Two Services


Due to time and available resources, our appraisal services below are suspended temporarily. Your understanding is appreciated!

Want to know about the jewelry that you own? Surprisingly, there are few experts specializing in the field of antique and vintage jewelry. This is what The Three Graces does best. There is never a charge until it is determined that you will receive helpful information. Please note that only items currently owned by you can be evaluated.

1. Full Appraisal

Examination and in-depth testing and measurements must be performed in person. We offer our years of expertise in the form of a full written appraisal in conjunction with our certified gemologist for the cost of $125.00 for the first piece of jewelry and $100.00 for each piece thereafter plus shipping and insurance costs. A written report is provided containing a complete range of information about the metals used, gems, date of origin, possible place or origin and approximate retail, wholesale or insurance value. Best used for selling, buying or insuring your valuables - this report is the most thorough and detailed available today.

There are four key reasons for an appraisal

  • Selling your jewelry.
  • Insuring your valuables.
  • Estate valuations.
  • Knowing what your jewelry is worth.

The appraiser will ask your specific purpose. Values can vary depending on whether it is for insurance replacement, for selling wholesale value or for current retail market value. These are three different estimates of worth.

2. Private Consultation at Our Showroom

  • Perfect for those with a number of pieces of jewelry.
  • Determine whether items are costume or fine jewelry.
  • Advice if items warrant a full appraisal.
  • Direction on selling or insuring your jewelry.
  • Remember that if you request an appraisal, you will not receive an offer to purchase as this is a conflict of interest.

$125 per hour. Minimum one-hour charge per visit.

Information by Photographs

Our apologies but we do not offer advice or information of any kind on items by verbal description or by photographs. This is due to the complex nature of jewelry identification. You may wish to consult a local jeweler, appraiser, or pawn shop.


All major credit cards and PayPal are accepted for services. Just email us for more information and guidance on which service is best for you.

Shipping Your Items

Many people are concerned about shipping their valuables securely. All packages are fully insured if you request that service via The Three Graces. Contact us for more information and pricing.

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