Antique & Vintage Sapphire Rings

Our collection of antique sapphire rings is one of the most beautiful and distinctive on the web! Sapphires come in a variety of hues, blue and Ceylon cornflower blue are the most well recognized. Colors can vary from white to yellow, violet, orange, purple and some rare varieties color change or color shift in different light. Browse stunning estate and vintage sapphire rings from The Three Graces. Every shape and size imaginable can be obtained from small accent stones to those over a carat or even impressive gemstones over 5 carats for statement rings or jewelry. The cuttings styles range from cabochons, defined as rounded gemstones without facets and flat undersides, to highly polished, faceted ovals, rounds, emerald cuts and others. A few countries that are recognized as sources for mined sapphires are Kashmir, Burma, referred to as Burmese, Ceylon or Sri Lanka and Thailand just to name a few. The Three Graces' connects with some of the most respected sapphire dealers in the world. Our range of rare sapphires in unmatched and at prices that are unbeatable always with value as a priority for our clients. Searching for no heat, certified sapphires? It's a Three Graces' specialty. GIA or AGS laboratory certified. Do you know what you might see when gazing inside a no-heat sapphire? Most people don't so you are in good company. If you are lucky enough and you know how to use a jeweler's magnifying loupe magic awaits. Sapphires (and rubies) can contain what is termed silk. You usually can't see it with the naked eye but magnified you can view tiny filaments that occur naturally inside the gemstone. They rest in parallel lines and then at angles to each other as though a minute lattice. With a no-heat gem, as you tip and move your perspective, often the silk refracts iridescent colors! Conflict free and eco friendly, most of our sapphire rings are estate, vintage or antique and naturally earth friendly and green. Where obtained new for custom jewelry, our sources are guaranteed ethical.