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Recherché & Repoussé Day Night Ear Pendants

SOLD Item 6603

The answer to all (well, most) of our dreams. Divine ear pendants known as “day/night” earrings have on the reverse a clever open loop-like device that joins the two sections of the piece. This gives a choice to remove the surmount (or top part) and wear it separately during the day for a more subtle look as a less formal piece. The pendants or drops may be added later for an elegant visage. The fluidity of design and the suggestion of form are integral to the appeal and intrigue of these earrings when the fashion at that time was for long and ornate as bodices were off the shoulder and hairlines revealing with upswept coiffures (see paintings by J. A. Ingres). They feature elongated repousséd ropes of 18k gold with the rich patina only time and touch together can create, then accented with dramatic splashes of rich turquoise gemstone. Measuring 2-7/8 inches in length by 9/16 of an inch in width (7.3 cm by 15 cm). In wonderful condition with French hallmarks, ca. 1830 – 1840.