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Exotic Pools of Light Necklace

SOLD Item 6454

Chinese influenced jewelry in the early 20th century and with this came a singular type of fashionable accessory, the “pools of light” pieces. True pools of light are never drilled for the Chinese believed this would allow the good luck or spirit which resided inside the crystals to escape. They are wrapped instead with wires and metals, as this example. Fortunate indeed to find those of a long length, these measure a full 47” long and are larger rock crystals – of just under 5/8 of an inch across. Wrapped with thin silver wire and held together by silver rings, they cascade down in a mesmerizing medley of light and shadow. Against white, as in our photos, they appear grayish. But place them next to any fabric, color or skin tone and they transform into reflecting the world around them. This strand can be wrapped twice or even three times, or left long and slinky. Wear them with other silver jewelry, or shorter versions of the pools of light for a very chunky, Chanel-like look. In very good condition, with little of note. Circa 1920 and of Chinese origin.