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Portrait Miniature Brooch of a Girl & Dog

Item 6188

Its a legend! This eye catching jewel is featured on page 46 in the latest 7th edition of the book, "Answers to Questions About Old Jewelry" by C. Jeanenne Bell! See over 30 of pieces of our jewelry highlighted - both currently for sale and from the recent past. Don't miss this wonderful resource.

A Cavalier spaniel rests on a young girl's lap. Most likely the dog’s beloved friend and vice versa, the tradition of painting people with their pets goes back at least as far as Elizabethan times, and probably later. Kings, Queens and royals all had paintings with their favorite animals. It could certainly be an entire area of focus, collecting or study and one that reveals so much about the human character and the spirit of dogs, felines and the like. This is a charming example, quite large for a brooch, measuring 2 1/2 inches long by 2 1/8 inches wide. The ivory itself just a bit under 2 inches high and 1 9/16 inches wide. It is set into a gilt brass frame with cobalt blue enamel accents with all original fittings and a mother of pearl back plate protecting the ivory. It dates to circa 1850 and certainly may be English in origin.

The watercolor painting is quite fine with no chips, flaking other paint condition issues. The dog itself is simply wonderful, complete with his curly coat and dog collar. The woman idealized, is ever sweet and innocent with her white blousy dress and pearls. The price is exceptional as the miniature has a tiny hairline crack from the bottom running up through the woman's wrist about a total of 5/16 of an inch long. It does not appear to even go all the way through the ivory (but I cannot be sure without removing it which is not advised given the frame) and does not show to the naked eye. It is stable and we are fortunate that this is framed and backed the way it is. Rarely do we offer miniatures with flaws but this one was certainly too exceptional to pass up with a scarce subject and so in the process is remarkably well priced.