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Exquisite Gold Perfume Pendant & The Modern Myth

Item 12550

Long long ago in a land far away there was a woman who spent her days seated upon a wooden chair close to a window gazing almost absentmindedly towards the horizon. No one knew why…alas no one seemed to care.

One day the languishing damsel heard a sound and noticed a Federal Express truck coming to a screeching halt right in front of her house. The dulcet tones of her doorbell began to chime like a carillon of a magnificent monument. Hurriedly she ran down several flights of stairs to confront the pealing bells.

Upon opening the door she was face-to-face with an envoy bearing a parcel from The Three Graces. Remarking out loud “how beautiful and artfully done” as she slowly undid the box. Layer upon layer of copper tissue now revealed a small leather container holding an exquisite hollow orb of 14k yellow gold richly engraved with a tapestry of radiant flowers and leaves. A removable scored bale unmasks its true nature…veiled in an allegory of sweet floral notes with a touch of ambergris, musk and the bitterness of pelargonium…a wearable flagon for the sweet and wild scents of life.

Measurements: 1-1/8 inches (3.0 cm) in length including top bale by 3/4 of an inch (2 cm) in diameter. Weight of 4.7 grams (3.0 dwt).

Hallmarks: Unidentified maker's mark on top.

Condition: Mint.

Date: Circa 1900.