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Now & Forever: Victorian Gem AEI Locket

Item 11790

A locket can hold a memento, a keepsake, a photograph. Truly, it can save thoughts and emotions about those memories. Is a memory a copy of an experience which our brain stores? According to the current state of science, a memory is only as good as your last memory about it. Thank goodness we have lockets to contain a real piece of our lives, a reminder so we continue to have our memory without interruption.

The front of this late 19th century locket display a sentiment quite popular at that time—the entwined letters of “A” “E” “I” formed into a stylized monogram encrusted with natural rubies, cabochons of turquoise and natural half seed pearls. Precious stones set onto precious 18k yellow gold to contain precious memories.

AEI was incorporated into the repertoire of the romantic and sentimental Victorians and believed to have originated from the Greek words, aei, aeie or aion which came to mean now and forever. Eternal and everlasting was the sentiment's main meaning. The best way to save a memory Victorian style.

Measurements: Length is 1-9/16 inches (4 cm) in length by 15/16 of an inch (2.4 cm) in width by 5/16 of an inch (1 cm) in depth. This antique locket has a weight of 10.5 grams (6.7 dwt).

Condition: Very good to excellent; one original glass missing, now with plastic insert; interior shows some traces of old resin used to hold pins of AEI in place (this is original to the locket).

Date & Origin: Circa 1880 and is most likely English in origin.

Overall Scale: Small to medium