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Grand French Paste Garland Necklace

Item 11685

An early Victorian paste necklace harkens back to the grandeur of the 18th century. With ribbon loops at the end, this is worn by interlacing strands of flattering ribbon on each end and tying around the neck – finish off with a curvaceous bow in back.

The center is a floral motif of two flower clusters surrounded by leaves and a bow at the bottom. Beneath this dangles a teardrop of glitter. The chain is formed of links consisting of two leaf shapes each dotted with six pastes. Pastes are set (never glued) into the silver in a closed back foiled setting in the same manner as gem set jewelry. The silken to the touch, the silver has charming patina. Entirely feminine and delicate, the necklace is alive with refraction.

Measurements: 13 inches (34 cm) in length and at the drop is 1-13/16 inches (4.6 cm) long. This antique necklace has a weight of 28.2 grams (18.1 dwt).

Hallmarks: French poinçons of eagle's head at the ribbon loops and at back of center piece.

Condition: Very good to excellent; pastes are all clear and sparkling with a hint of bronze from the foiling to the reverse and a few silvery in color. Dark patina in the crevices. Remember, photography often refracts far more bronze tones from the foiling and shows silver as darker than is evident in person.

Date & Origin: Circa 1850 and is French in origin.

Overall Scale: Medium to Large.