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Grecian Motif 17th C. Cameo Ring

Item 11298

Rows of wavy locks, every twist and turn evident, tethered by a traditional Grecian bandeau allow all to see the superb artistry in the carving in this cameo. This depiction of a Grecian or Roman beauty with her aquiline nose and composed bearing—hard to imagine this is all chiseled away by simple tools into hardstone agate. Seventeenth century in date and the color of light toffee and pale gray-blue against a mossy gray-green background, this cameo is a testament to a skill level now forever lost.

Now, of course, the desire is to wear these works of art, so this (as many others) has been set in an 18k yellow gold modern mount, yet in form resembles an 18th century ring.

For more information on cameos, try "Cameo's Old & New" by Anna M. Miller - a very insightful reference book with a good overview of the history of cameos since antiquity.

Condition: Good. There is a faint hairline at the necklace that curves around the side and then back to the front to the bottom of the profile which is seen as a very slightly darker line when viewed with closely (see photos). Light overall wear, the detail is intact and is still fine.

Measurements: 13/16 of an inch (2.3 cm) in length by 9/16 of an inch (1.5 cm) in width by ¼ of an inch (0.5 cm) at the deepest. Has a weight of 13.8 grams. Size is currently a US 10 (UK T-1/2; Euro 19.75, 62 mm) but can easily be sized up or down.

Date: 17th century for the cameo in a modern ring.

Note: During this time and through the 18th century cameos were rarely mounted or worn. Most were collected unmounted and enthusiasts amassed hundreds. Catherine the Great among others had an extensive collection.