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Sincerity in a Victorian Oval Locket

Item 11248

By the later decades of the 19th century silver was the metal of choice and engraved lockets such as this were for everyday wear. Typically worn with wide silver chains with chased links, two types of lockets were available: one that was sealed to display a curl of hair and the other, hinged and made to be opened (such as this example) to display a photograph or two.

Beautiful hand-etched fern patterns, symbolizing sincerity and fascination in the Victorian language of flowers grace the front of this antique oval shaped locket in a stylized and geometric manner. Still retaining the original top bale and original inner frame rims and glass covering, the exterior reverse sports hand engraved elaborate script initials of “JM” or “IM”.

Condition: Very good. Front surface is excellent with light wear overall as commensurate with age and use; reverse has a tad additional even wear and a few minute indentations; bale and interior have several light scratches.

Measurements: 2-5/8 inches (6.7 cm) in length by 1-5/8 inches (4 cm) in width by 3/8 of an inch (1 cm) in depth. This antique locket has a weight of 27.1 grams.

Date & Origin: Circa 1880 and is most likely English in origin.