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A Moment in History - Anglo Saxon Silver Ring

Item 11002

Only twenty or so years after the formation of England (Angle Land), a battle was fought and won by the inhabitants of Wessex under the rule of King Egbert (the Anglo Saxons) against the Mercians under Beorwulf. Known as Battle of Ellendune, this victory altered the balance of power in England, raising the power of Wessex at the expense of Mercia. Only a few coins of Beorwulf were produced during his reign 820 to 824 CE.

One of those very coins was discovered along with this Anglo Saxon ring. A 9th century date is indicated for the ring by the associated coin. This find dates this silver ring to within a few years of the limited production (approximately 820 to 824 CE) of that specific coin. Two additional silver rings were also found in this cache. For additional information please contact us.

An oval matrix displays rather evocative engraved iconography. Possible symbols include references to water, mountains and trees. The hoop of the ring is flat and is decorated with an interlaced knot design.

Condition: Good; shank out of round; patina; general medium wear; reverse has heavy patina. For its age, this antique ring is in very good condition.

Measurements: The oval is just shy of 1 inch (2.4 cm) by 5/8 of an inch (1.6 cm). The band is 1/8 of an inch (0.3 cm) in width. Has a weight of 2.8 grams. Currently size US 8 (British P-1/2; Euro 18.00 - 18.25, 57.5 mm). Please inquire as to possible resizing by our expert jewelers.

Date: 9th century