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Victorian Gold Quartz Comet Brooch

Item 10417

Perhaps the origins of modern day UFOs were based on sightings of startling and unexpected celestial events such as meteors and comets. No doubt these natural phenomena were spectacular and inspired comet jewelry. Dating to circa 1835, this is a scarce example of the use of gold-in-quartz in a comet brooch. It is possibly American in origin as gold bearing quartz was being mined only in California. The head of the comet is rare milky white quartz laced with gold resting on prongs of a crown setting of gold chased with scrolls and whorls. The surface of the golden tail has been engraved with a geometric crosshatch almost serpent-like pattern as it sinuously undulates across the evening sky. In excellent condition; one prong has a small loss and is shorter in length but otherwise is very fine. Pin fittings are all original and close securely. Somewhat unusual as most comet brooches were crafted in England.