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Oro de España - 18th C. Diamond Pendant

SOLD Item 10231

Throughout history an insatiable desire for gold, gems and diamonds led to a litany of conquests, intrigues and passions. The Spanish were at the forefront of great endeavors to explore and find riches. In this pendant brooch, we have a classic 18th century style of jewel - bow surmount (top) with a heart at the apex, a central element and stylized bow drop including the addition of five teardrop dangles. All articulated, each piece moves and sways. Encrusted with diamonds, there is a mix of table cuts and rose cut diamonds. Each is set within a rub over mount. Note the use of high gold domes for the drops. Used in the 17th century, this is still a remnant of the fashion. Also, see how the back is bulbous and sculptural - another hallmark of the 18th century.

Measures 2-3/16 inches long by 1-1/2 inches wide (5.5 cm by 3.8 cm). Condition is very good with one diamond at the top center of the bow either replaced and another small rose cut replaced or re-set. Otherwise excellent. Circa 1780.