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Gothic Revival in a Bloodstone & Gold Ring

Item 11476

Although Gothic revival originated in the 19th century, its impact continued to influence not only architecture and literature but also the decorative arts through the early 20th century.

Being inspired by Gothic architecture, jewelers designed Gothic revival jewelry with an unmistakable structural aura. Gazing upon this circa 1920 ring evokes a similar feeling of awe as when confronted with a Gothic cathedral. The 14k yellow gold setting holds a bloodstone cabochon within an eight-sided mount. The sides present as pointed arches, shaped parapets and incised niches containing medieval European symbols and motifs.

Condition: Very good; sides have medium wear on to the gold with a bit of degradation of the patterns that are not deeply set; otherwise excellent.

Hallmarks: “MA”; “14k”

Measurements: More than ½ of an inch (1.3 cm) north to south on the finger and rises ¼ of an inch (0.6 cm) from the finger. Has a weight of 7.9 grams (5.1 dwt).

Size: size US 11-1/4 (UK W; Euro 20.75, 55 mm). Can be easily sized.

Date: Circa 1920

Overall Scale: Medium to large on a man; large on a woman