Selling Your Jewelry

Trust & Confidence For Your Peace of Mind

General Information

We are happy to make you an offer on your jewelry which you are free to accept or decline.

We urge you to compare our offer with other offers in the marketplace so that you are comfortable with your decision.

If you are unsure of our initial estimate for price, you may then compare this with other offers from other online merchants, local pawnshops, estate jewelry stores, etc.

Also, pricing in the jewelry marketplace can fluxuate so an offer we make today may not valid at a later date. Our offer is valid for 30 days (but may be longer so just check back with us).

Obtaining an appraisal is one method of determining value. Remember that most appraisals are for insurance purposes and you may expect to realize half or less of the stated value. This depends greatly on the appraiser, the item itself, the age of the appraisal and other market and economic factors.

Our References

You may wish to view our references and learn more about us now.

Speak to us today or email us now. We are confident once you learn of our experience and ethics, you will not hesitate to use us as your resource to sell your jewelry quickly, confidentially and for a fair and ethical price.