The inspiration for our name and logo is quite naturally a piece of jewelry. Sepia-toned enamel over a white ground reveals three richly garbed women in an outdoor piazza. They are presumed to be a depiction of The Three Graces. From Greek and Roman ancient lore, these three were goddesses or muses that were known to be the personification of the three virtues most commonly truth, beauty and joy.

This depiction is possibly German in origin and dates to the 17th century. In the form of a slide—a compact form with fittings on the reverse through which ribbon was threaded and then worn at the neck or usually on the wrist, it is a unique interpretation on the more common Greek imagery found.

Enamel was one of the primary materials used for decorative purposes in jewelry of the Renaissance period. From the 14th century through the late 17th century enamel provided color, life and embellishment to all types of jewels and in importance reigned over gems and diamonds which were scarce and usually of lesser significance.

The Three Graces serve as our wellspring of inspiration for our collections and our business ethics - what more could we ask than to share beauty and joy in a truthful environment.