How to Calculate Your Correct Ring Size

Use these various methods and instructions to find out and obtain the correct ring size. Right and left hands and fingers vary in size! Be sure to measure the finger and hand of choice.

Find a Ring

Find a ring that fits the exact finger you wish to know the size of. Right and left hands and fingers vary in size! Be sure you find a ring for the finger and hand of your choice. Measure the diameter of the ring's shank or band (the circle that the finger fits through). Measure at the widest points from the inside of the metal and email us that measurement (you are providing the measurement of the hole). Millimeters are the best and most accurate. Most rulers have inches and millimeters. Or take the ring to a jeweler to have them determine the exact size.

Ring Sizer

Contact us and we will ship you a plastic ring sizer which you can use to measure the correct finger.

Surprise Gifts

Enlist the help of her or his best friend or relative to help find out a ring size. Often this will help maintain the surprise factor for gift and engagement ring giving.

See a Local Jeweler

Visit a local jeweler to obtain an accurate finger size.

Ring Fit

A ring should have some resistance at the knuckle and then sit comfortably on the finger. Remember that as the day wears on, fingers can swell slightly. Heat makes fingers expand, cold contract. Washing hands can make rings slip off if too loose. Keep this in mind when having your finger measured. Wide bands will fit slightly tighter than thinner bands.