Antique Silver Jewelry

Browse our unique and varied selection of antique and vintage sterling silver jewelry. Silver and sterling silver have been part of jewelry history for centuries. Sterling silver is defined as 95% silver and the remaining portion other alloys. Thus 950 out of 1000 parts (or 950) is a common hallmark indicated sterling. Many European countries utilized 800 silver in their vintage pieces, or even 850 or other variation. These are still silver, but the percentage of silver to other metals is less. The late Victorian period around 1880 saw a resurgence of silver jewelry, mainly long guard chains, wide bangle bracelets, brooches and locket or book chain necklaces. The Art Nouveau period jeweler's created some of their finest works in silver. Even the Art Deco period is rife with examples from those set with rock crystal, enamel, pastes, and a variety of semi-precious gemstones. In fact, until around 1890 when platinum came to be employed in jewelry for virtually the first time, there existed no other white metal. Along came white gold in the 1930's, but prior to then, it was silver. Since diamonds may look whiter when set into silver precious metals, the Georgian period diamond jewelry was often set in silver or silver over gold. Some collectors, clients and shoppers wear nothing but silver jewelry, whether more contemporary, vintage or antique.