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Antique & Estate Sapphire Jewelry

Browse vintage sapphire jewelry for your shopping and buying needs. Our estate department of sapphire set jewelry is unmatched. Sapphires are members of the corundum family and did you know rubies are also? Sapphires are typically sought after for their vivid blue hues. But pink, purple, yellow and almost every color of the rainbow sapphires is available. Antique sapphires may be untouched by man so without treatments, not heated, often termed no-heat and are guaranteed and often certified. GIA, AGL, SSEF are several laboratories that certify fine gemstones. Desire sapphires set with diamonds or other gemstones? Perhaps you are seeking a custom ring and want us to find you the perfect sapphire? Or just learn and browse our bracelets, pendants, earrings and ring collections in sapphires. Ceylon sapphires every rank as a favorite, as well as the Kashmir, Burma and those from Thailand and other regions. The Three Graces values each and every customer no matter what your ultimate shopping need.
Color Shift No Heat Purple Sapphire Ring
$12,850 USD Sale! $11,565 USD
Sapphire Diamond Flower Earrings
$5,950 USD Sale! $5,355 USD
No Heat Pink Sapphire Diamond Ring
$5,650 USD Sale! $5,085 USD
Antique Sapphire & Diamond Bracelet
$5,850 USD Sale! $5,265 USD
Sapphire Diamond Engagement Ring
$17,500 USD Sale! $15,750 USD
Intricacies - Diamond Sapphire Ring
$6,850 USD Sale! $6,165 USD
Blue Aura Diamond Sapphire Ring
$19,450 USD Sale! $17,505 USD
Timeless Diamond Sapphire Unique Ring
$7,450 USD Sale! $6,705 USD
French Halo Diamond Sapphire Estate Ring
$4,950 USD Sale! $4,455 USD
Retro Three Color Gold Brooch
$1,375 USD Sale! $1,238 USD