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Mid Century & Modernist Jewelry (1950's, 1960's & 1970's)

Kudos: Russian Enamel Egg Pendant
$2,450 USD Sale! $1,166 USD
Classically Carved Moonstone Ring
$8,450 USD Sale! $6,210 USD
Reality - Australian Opal Ring
$1,125 USD Sale! $1,013 USD
On the Fly - Diamond Emerald Earrings
$4,450 USD Sale! $4,005 USD
Fan the Flames - Platinum Eternity Band
$3,250 USD Sale! $2,925 USD

Mid century jewelry at its finest from a range from classic to creative. This estate and vintage Modernist jewelry can both inspire and reinvent. Shop our collections for unmatched elegance. Guaranteed and always free shipping. Established in 2002.