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Men's Jewelry & Cufflinks

Distinguished vintage men's jewelry, cuff links and rings in our curated collection. Browse our antique men's jewelry and shop with confidence. Whether diamond set, or platinum or gold, any gentleman recognizes our unique choices.
Powerful Jones & Woodland Garnet Ring
$1,950 USD Sale! $1,755 USD
Antique Fancy Signet Ring in Gold
$719 USD Sale! $647 USD
Rose Cut Diamond Ring
$2,950 USD Sale! $2,237 USD
Vintage Two Tone Gold Diamond Ring
$3,950 USD Sale! $3,555 USD
Fantastic Antique Gryllus Agate Cameo
$4,850 USD Sale! $3,587 USD
Antique Shakudo Japanese Cufflinks
$1,350 USD Sale! $1,215 USD
Striking Emerald Diamond Ring
$2,450 USD Sale! $2,205 USD
Smashing Diamond Set Gold Cufflinks
$1,450 USD Sale! $1,305 USD
Edwardian No Heat Star Ruby Ring
$5,650 USD Sale! $5,085 USD
Carrington Diamond Cufflinks
$1,950 USD Sale! $1,755 USD