Men's Jewelry & Cufflinks

Clasp Hands - Gimmel Fede Ring
$2,550 USD Sale! $1,508 USD
Hearts in Flight - Poesy Ring of 1754
$3,625 USD Sale! $3,263 USD
Heat Wave Art Nouveau Diamond Ring
$985 USD Sale! $887 USD
Fantastic Antique Gryllus Agate Cameo
$4,850 USD Sale! $4,365 USD
Enchantment - Opal Cabochon Ring
$1,575 USD Sale! $1,125 USD
Rose Cut Diamond Ring
$2,950 USD Sale! $2,655 USD
Memento Mori Skeleton Ring
$2,650 USD Sale! $2,385 USD

Distinguished vintage men's jewelry, cuff links and rings in our curated collection. Browse our antique men's jewelry and shop with confidence. Whether diamond set, or platinum or gold, any gentleman recognizes our unique choices.