Antique & Estate Enamel Jewelry

Antique enamel jewelry retains strong ties a number of periods throughout its long history. Ever popular, their use can compliment diamonds or gemstones as well as precious gold and platinum. Enamels surprisingly are just glass, usually powdered and applied often in thin layers which are heated and melted to form colors and images on jewelry. Enamels for rings and jewelry provide vivid colors and even miniature paintings of dogs, animals, insects, landscapes, people or any number of symbols and icons. Enamels can be combined over gold, silver or even platinum. Guilloche enamel is translucent enamel over patterned metal. A variety of forms exist from plique-a-jour similar to stained glass. Other forms include basse-taille, champleve, taille d'epargne and a variety of others. Its use in the Renaissance defined the era, with pearls and gemstones taking a lesser role. Estate pieces dating the the 1960's and 70s often are adorned with enamels in bright hues. Each piece for sale meets our exacting standards for condition and aesthetics. Text