It's that magical time, emotional, joyous and just possibly daunting. Yes, it's almost time to propose. If you’re thinking about buying an engagement ring for someone special, you may find yourself overwhelmed by the sheer number of options. 

There are endless designs, cuts, settings, and gemstones available when it comes to engagement rings. It can be tricky to decide which one is perfect for your significant other. Decisions such as the type of metal and whether the ring should be ornate or simple depend primarily on your personal preferences and style as well as those of your partner.

Once you’ve figured out the style of ring they might adore for a lifetime, there’s still one more question to answer: new or vintage? Like most decisions involved in choosing an engagement ring, this one comes down to individual tastes. However, you might be surprised to discover some of the distinct advantages of buying an antique engagement ring. Here are a just a few of them.

Antique Rings Are Unique

There’s something special about wearing an engagement ring that no one else has. It can feel like it was selected especially for you like it’s truly yours alone. It’s a symbol of your love and loyalty – not anyone else’s. You are individuals with your own personalities and you both do things your own way.

When you buy a new ring from one of the tens of thousands of jewelry stores in the US, you can be sure that someone else (or just about everyone else) out there has the same ring. However, your relationship as a couple and life partners is unique, and your ring should be too.

Before the days of jewelry store chains, engagement rings were works of art in miniature. Each one was designed lovingly by a talented jeweler, a special creation brought to life by the artist’s imagination. An antique engagement ring can be a one-of-a-kind  piece of vintage jewelry for you both to cherish.

Antique Rings Make Great Heirlooms

When you choose an engagement ring, you’re choosing a piece of jewelry that will be in your family for generations. Your beloved will wear it for the rest of their life, and then pass it on to your children or other loved ones.

It’s becoming more and more popular for couples to choose vintage rings, partly thanks to Prince William proposing to Kate Middleton with his mother’s stunning diamond and sapphire engagement ring. You don’t have to be royalty to repeat this tradition in your family. Find a beautiful and unique antique engagement ring to keep in your family for lifetimes to come.

Antique Rings Have History

Engagement rings aren’t just beautiful; they also often have captivating history. Imagine who has worn your ring in the past, where it’s been, and what historical events it may have witnessed.

Every vintage ring has a story. When you buy one, you’re buying a piece of history. The people who created it and loved it made their mark on the earth years before you or your partner. When you buy an antique ring, you know that it may have survived social change, the tides and times of world events, and constantly-evolving styles.

At The Three Graces, we offer a wide range of handpicked antique diamond rings. Conflict-free diamonds, no-questions-asked returns, and free worldwide shipping are a few of the reasons to choose The Three Graces when you’re ready to buy an engagement ring for the person you love the most.

With An Antique Ring Opt for Quality & Value

Have you ever marveled at the difference of some everyday object of your parents or grandparents generation to an item that you own and bought yesterday? Amazed at the weight, intricacy or detail of the vintage item, right? Even a simple car bolt or nut is vastly different on a vintage car then on today’s vehicles. The same can be said for jewelry. Often comparing two rings, one from 75 years ago and one from today comes up night and day in the overall quality, design and workmanship.

Also, an insider tip is that many jewelers and industry professionals know that in times of economic downturns, vintage and antique jewelry tends to hold its value far more than mass produced, cookie cutter jewelry. While there are always exceptions, it’s good to know what your choosing for a lifetime may maintain is value beyond the sentiment.

Antique Rings Are Free of Conflict Diamonds

Conflict diamonds are less of a concern now than they once were when it comes to new or contemporary jewelry. However, there are many engagement rings for sale on websites and in local stores that may still have ethical concerns in their gemstone or diamond mining, precious metal sources or production.

The last thing you want is for the symbol of your love to carry the added burden of strife. Simply by the fact that you are choosing something that has been upcycled, you are not supporting an industry that may still have ethical concerns.  There is an entire world of antique rings to choose from that won’t threaten your ethics.

Antiuqe Rings Are Earth Friendly

There isn’t a blog that you read or a headline that confronts you that doesn’t mention the earth and the perils all of us and our big blue planet face. Purchasing something that existed before, that is essentially upcycled, creates one more layer of comfort in your ethically sound decision.

Considering something which was already produced translates to less burden on our already taxed mother earth. Your choice in ring can take use and reuse one step further, in the most elegant, meaningful and thoughtful way.