Ukraine Colors Blue Yellow Sapphire Rings

It is hard to know what to do in a world where all of us have constant access to the plights, horrors, joys, and sorrows of so many around the world. The Three Graces is a business that supports my family and others connecting to us. Getting involved politically in a public way is not why we are here or our purpose.

However, it is impossible to ignore the humanitarian crisis of those families, children, mothers, and relatives of those fleeing war. It is not a political matter, but a human concern.

As such, donations are going out to several organizations including Doctor’s Without Borders, who have the ability to be agile such that efforts are already underway helping those on the borders of Ukraine. Also, to Save the Children, and the International Red Cross as those assisting lives disrupted by the situation in Ukraine and neighboring countries. It is a heart wrenching time for so many.

On an ongoing basis, The Three Graces also continues to support charitable organizations in the US to help fight hunger and support education.