Most treasured, I would like to dedicate my work to my family and my husband, Zachary. Let is be said that one should always trust in life...ask for everything and certainly not settle for less. Every day I am grateful for all that he has brought forth. Words do not suffice. His devotion and support have provided an entirely new perspective to my outlook and my work.

My parents and grandfather are ever present as well - though they cannot view this website with their own eyes nor directly feel the joy it brings. Perhaps in their own way, in their very being, wherever they may be, they all are aware of what they mean to me.


I would also like to dedicate this website and all of the work surrounding The Three Graces to my dear friends. It is my sincerest hope that in some way each one of them is able to know, deep within, how much their love and support has guided me and helped me remain strong. Indeed, without them most things in my life would not ever have been possible and certainly would not have been as full of laughter and love. The possibilities ahead lay with their continued love.


Certainly, I dedicate this to Ali & Zoey & Liberty, our constant companions and four-legged best friends. Many who shared my life have gone and now walk a less physical path yet remain ever beside me especially Esme, Manella & Bud. Without them my life would have been far less joyous.


The Three Graces would be nothing without our team, present and past. We have grown over the years and now have on staff a writer, media director and photographer, an accountant, a director of marketing and customer service manager all working for one purpose. Each day their time, energy, love and enthusiasm are an inspiration to me. Their dedication and high standards allow our business to flourish and grow. They are a marvel to me and I cannot thank them enough for their efforts.

Our foundation is our website and so much of all that has been possible would not have been so without Matt. Taking our small website year ago, near crumbling, into the next era was mostly his doing and I for one, and all of us, thank him today, yesterday and always for putting his keen and amazing mind, his care and dedication and foresight into our web presence. He will not be forgotten although he has moved on to far reaching horizons.

Our current development team is in a word, astounding. Recognizing all the hard work that went before them, they embraced the project with enthusiasm and our future depends upon their capable minds and hands.


Last and certainly not least, I must mention our devoted clients and enthusiasts - many of whom visit this website each day. We have been ever blessed with insightful, intelligent, kind, honest and loyal clients and visitors who come forth and share their positive experiences. Often they take the time out of their hectic schedules to email or telephone us with exuberant comments about what they have found here within the embrace of The Three Graces.


The Three Graces fills my life with unending bliss, deep purpose and fulfillment. That we can bring a bit of knowledge or new delights into the lives of people, to spark an interest in such a rich and grand historical subject as jewelry, to bring joy to someone - all a true privilege. I cannot thank you enough for your patronage over these last years. It is a constant wonder and a pause for deep gratitude that you return time and again; I am most certain that each and every one of you is the very core of The Three Graces.

Forever Thanks, Lisa Stockhammer-Mial

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