We are a family owned business and treat our clients and visitors as we ourselves wish to be treated. Customer service is the foundation of all that we do. This is our life's work and gives meaning and purpose to our day.


Only authentic, period jewelry is represented in our collections with no reproductions whatsoever. When items are of modern date, they are clearly labeled as such. We do our utmost to be as knowledgeable as possible about diamonds, gems and gemology and the history of antique and vintage jewelry. Being adept and expert at spotting reproduction items, we present only authentic period pieces. Our goal is to be honest and straightforward with our clients and visitors about what we offer in our collections. Trust is at the core of our business.


Education for our friends, devotees and clients is one of the keys to the full appreciation of jewelry. Our detailed descriptions of each item are filled with historical context, technical information and background details including date of origin and details of its history and condition. We hope to instill a sense of the true beauty behind the glitter - the symbolism, sentiment, history and the deep meaning of the jewelry and objects you will find here. We aim to have our friends and clients have ultimate confidence in us and in their potential purchases.

"We are only temporary caretakers of these precious objects, and one day they will pass on to others. We can only hope they will treasure them as much as we do."