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We Buy Large Diamonds


Trust is the most important factor in any business relationship. We are a family run, established firm in our ninth year in business online. Wish to consult with us in person? We are happy to travel to you to ensure complete discretion and your security.

Informed Decisions

We understand that selling your gemstones, diamonds and jewelry can be a confusing and stressful process. We will do our utmost to give you the facts you need to aid you in obtaining a fair price and a very quick completion of the process. Several certified Graduate Gemologists (G.G.) are available to evaluate your large diamonds.

What we Purchase

  • Large diamonds of any shape and in any size over 1 carat
  • Large canary and yellow diamonds over 1 carat in size
  • Diamonds from 2 carats, 3 carats, 4 carats and more - over even 10 carats Plus
  • Natural Colored Diamonds - Pinks, Yellows, Blues and other Colored Diamonds in any Size Whether Faint, Light, Fancy Intense, Fancy Deep, or Fancy Vivid in Color.

For Your Security

Read More about Selling with Peace of Mind

For More Information about the Process - How it Works