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New Items Daily!

We add at least two new pieces of antique, vintage or modern jewelry every day - and often 3! Items are usually visible the first early in the morning, the next by about 1 pm CST and if another, by about 6 pm CST. Visit our New Arrivals for all new items.

Check Back Often

Checking back frequently is the best way to catch our latest finds. Our Totally Devoted check our website each day! Just bookmark us and enjoy.

On Hold, Sale Pending & Sold


Any item may be placed on hold usually for 1 to 2 days while it is considered for purchase. Occasionally for special circumstances we can extend this time frame. If you wish to place an item on hold, just let us know.

Sale Pending

Sale pending is a status when an order has been placed for an item. This status may be displayed until the item is paid for, shipped and received by the client. Moreover, there are three additional days from the time an item is received. That way the customer has time to opt to keep the purchase or return the item to us as part of our guarantee with every sale. We try to minimize the time from order to confirmation the client is fully satisfied, but many clients are overseas so shipping times may be longer.

If you are interested in an item displaying this status, just contact us.


Once an item has been sold and the customer is fully satisfied with the purchase, it will appear in the Recently Sold section or in our "Sold Archives". If you are interested in obtaining something similar to a previously sold item, please contact us.

Obtaining the Ultimate

The best way to obtain what you want is to directly contact us and share what you collect, desire or are looking for. Whether hoping to build an entire collection or after a single item, we are happy to try to assist you. We are constantly buying and canvasing the United States, Britain and Europe to bring forth unrivaled jewelry and objects.

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