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Georgian Old Mine Cut Diamond Ring

Item 6663

Dignified and impressive, thirty-six (36) old mine cut diamonds in varying sizes add to the grandness of this ring. Laboriously hand cut, these diamonds are one of the older cuts that are becoming rarer with the passing of each day. Most of these older diamonds have been re-cut to suit more modern proportions and consequently are disappearing. One of the charms of this antique diamond is an open culet which favors fire over brilliance.

Characteristic of the very early 19th century, it is substantial in weight and finely constructed. The overall configuration is a four pointed symmetrical organic shape. This antique finger ring is entirely handcrafted with each of the stones set within silver in a rub over mount with pinches of silver. During this time period, the white color of silver was thought to highlight the whiteness of the diamonds. All original, the band or shank is made of gold and has gradually tapering shoulders crafted in the form of stylized leaves or foliage.

The reverse is engraved: “Jane Morter, Ob 26 Oct 1833 Ag 60". This is so grand a ring that it was probably passed down to a family member after Jane’s death and the inscription added to commemorate her life. Most likely the ring was fashioned before 1833 and inscribed some years later. Measures 5/8 of an inch each way for the diamond cluster (1.6 cm wide by 1.6 cm high). Size is US 6 (UK L; Euro 16.5) but could easily be sized. English, ca. 1833, possibly earlier. Would make a lovely antique engagement ring; also terrific as a cocktail ring.