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Exquisite Georgian Carved Ivory Seascape Ring

Item 6661

The sea, with its still unexplored depths, has long been an inspiration for jewelry designs. Boats, sea monsters, war ships, infinite expanses of waves—all capture the attention and allude to the infinite and the unknown. In this ring, the penultimate talents of artistry are brought together in a rare creation. Carved of ivory and set upon ivory, is a hand tooled work which beguiles perception and spurs on the imagination.

A Spanish or Portuguese galleon is anchored in deep sea amidst rolling waves and the spray of the seas. Afloat in a dory is a tiny figure of a mariner in a large brimmed hat with his back to us. He seems unaware that a huge sea monster lurks just below. The monster spouts water through three blow holes, as evidenced by little white streaks painted on the ivory. Above, three birds wheel about and cavort.

Carved in painstaking detail, the ship is complete with rigging and sails - with four masts of this great vessel, the mizzen, the top sails, its stump end, even tiny inlays of brass or metal resembling either cannons or openings in the side of the vessel. Minute net ladders almost blow in the balmy breezes. Peering closely, the details of a sailing vessel are all there – all clearly demarcated.

The scene is set under glass rimmed with rose gold that has been chased and engraved with subtle strikes. The rest of the ring has the austere lines and smoothly worn old gold characteristic of this time period.

Measures 1-7/8 inches long by 13/16 of an inch wide (3.6 by 2.1 cm). Size 7-3/4 (UK P; Euro 18.25). In excellent condition with a touch of yellowing of the ivory rigging; one tiny loss to the rigging top, otherwise very fine. Circa 1790 and this is most likely Spanish or Portuguese in origin.