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Turquoise & Natural Pearl Three Drop Earrings

SOLD Item 6450

Three part day night earrings are a rarity. Georgians loved their mutability in jewelry – one form in consistent use were earrings that have a removable drop. They can go from a day look (with the tops only) or with the bottom elements on for a longer more formal look. Here turquoise, and natural pearls combine in a divine combination. Rose gold is the metal of choice, for a soft, warm feel.

Earrings tops that are placed in the ear from back to front hold four (4) cabochon turquoises. Below this is a drop, but not just a single drop but a two part drop beginning with three pearls, two turquoise teardrops and three more pearls at the base. As the final compliment, a large central pearl is surrounded by thirteen (13) petite turquoise gems. This is removable, as is the drop above it. So there are three looks, the top, most probably the top with the very bottom drop, or all three. In a remarkable state of condition, these date to circa 1810 and are possibly English in origin. They measure 1 5/8 inches long by ½ of an inch wide (3.2 cm by 1.2 cm); the top alone is 5/8 of an inch long (1.7 cm); the middle section 9/16 of an inch (1.3 cm) and the bottom ½ of an inch (1.2 cm). In excellent condition. Quite scarce and meticulously crafted, these are heavenly on.