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Girandole Pendant of Garnets and Pearls

Item 6395

The girandole is certainly one of the hallmarks of the 18th century. It takes many forms, but this is its more elegant and recognizable shape. A surmount of a cluster, a stylized middle bow form, and three drops - one centered and lower than the other two. Here the shape is orchestrated in almandine garnets and large natural pearls.

Fifty five flat cut garnets dance about the surface of each element. Nestling the pearls and forming flower shapes in the center, the colors are radiant and rich. Natural pearls are a luxury we seldom consider and these are quite sizable and lustrous. These appear to be river or fresh water pearls. Pure elegance, they measure 6-7 mm in length and 6-7 mm wide. Hues of iridescent greens, purples and blues dart across the milky surfaces. Three small pearls dot the central bow form. All are set on a lacy backdrop of pale rose gold.

Measures 2 ¼ inches long by 1 ½ inches wide at the widest (5.25 cm by 3.8 cm). In very good condition with the pearls all appearing rewired at some later point. Condition is very good to good with one garnet in the top mount cracked but intact and secure, others with typical surface wear and tiny dings on the edges of a few. The reverse shows an that a reinforced slice of gold was silver soldered to the back to stabilize the delicate gold work at some point in its long history – very well done for no evidence shows to the front. The original loop at the back appears to have been re-attached and may now have a crease where once it was perhaps rounded. Circa 1780. Warm shimmering crimson hues emanate from every aspect. Wear this on an organdy ribbon up high and regal at the throat or as the compliment to a low cut dress or blouse.