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Superb and Rare Rock Crystal Ring

Item 6019

We are extremely proud to present a superb example of a 17th century ring. Dating to the mid 17th century, this ring is a small marvel of workmanship, proportion and design. The central stone is rock crystal. Often used in the 17th and 18th centuries, it has a richer depth than paste and a lighter tone than diamonds cut at that time. This stone is cut beautifully, in a table form. Table cut being one of the earliest forms of stone cuts, so named as it is flat on top, thus resembling a table. There are four (4) thick bevels on each side. The unusual factor is noted the bottom of the stone, referred to as the culet. The shape is an elongated rectangle and it is painted black. Culets at that time were left open, i.e. they did not come to a perfect point as modern cut stones. This open area showed black as it was foiled and set in silver. The painted area resembles a diamond’s properties if set this way. Rarely seen, this elongated black area is evidence of the hand work that went into the craftsmanship of the ring.

The gold work is another spectacular feature. The ring is made of 24 k gold, appropriate to this time period. It is then deeply and richly carved, or engraved with half-swirls and geometric patterns throughout the bezel or mount of the stone, as well as along the sides to nearly the bottom. This work is exceptionally fine and delicate without any trace of heavyness or clumsiness. The patterning was a classic feature of this time and was filled with black enamel. Now, only tiny traces of enamel remain, mostly visible with a loupe. The entire scale and esthetic of the ring is lovely, note the picture of from the top of the ring.

In remarkable condition, the bezel and engraved work is near fine - again, now missing the black enamel insets. The stone is very good condition with slight wear to all edges as expected with age. It is clear and white with the black rectangular spot vivid and crisp. The bezel mount edges have some very slight indescretions visible with a loupe - as if at some point this may have been a replaced stone or been secured again. The stone however is absolutely appropriate to the ring, so if replaced, would have been done so centuries ago. The ring at some point was sized, but again long ago. Currently Size 7 ½ (UK 0). Due to its age and remarkable condition, sizing would be inadvisable, but possible. The stone measures over 5/16 of an inch across and 5/16 high. It is 5/16 inches deep (8 mm all around) - evidence of its perfect proportions.